Behind the Scenes 2017

Behind the scenes 2017… now THIS was fun to put together! Unfortunately our BTS 2016 blog never happened because we had super busy winter wedding season, 50+ hour week day job, and oh, getting pregnant… so this looks a whoooole lot different than the last BTS post! Specifically my expanding waistline. Which is partly why there aren’t nearly as many photos this year. Pregnancy brain is real, yall. It was all I could do to remember my own name, let alone remember to take pictures of Reid hiding in bushes, climbing into waterfalls, and lying in really awkward positions. And Reid taking photos of me? They’re mostly of my backside, which, like my waistline… never mind. You get the point 😉

This year was also a pretty slow one for us, which we were frustrated about until we realized what an enormous blessing from God that was! My first trimester consisted of trying not to throw up and not to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I felt a lot better in my second trimester, but… pregnant in the Arkansas summer… Enough said. #hotflashes My third trimester was interesting. I had a lot of pain (I’ll spare you those details) and it was hard enough just to walk to another room, let alone shoot a wedding. That, and that I ended up in Labor and Delivery for false labor not once, but twice. Ella is quite the overachiever! A slower year was exactly what we needed.

All of our 2017 couples were BEYOND supportive! They tried to make sure I was taken care of on THEIR wedding days, and even sent baby Ella gifts! Luke and Lora especially deserve a shout out for being rockstars when Reid had to call and tell them TWO DAYS before their wedding that I was in early labor and our backup photographers would be shooting their wedding. (Thank you, Erika and Angelina!) Trying to give a few last minute instructions to another photographer in between contractions (holy cow those things hurt) was not what I had imagined, but maybe it helped distract from the pain a little bit. Ha! Just kidding. Nothing can do that. Praise Jesus for epidurals!! 

Despite all of the changes and distractions, we still had just as much fun as ever hanging out with these super cool people. We really do try to be cool like them, except when they’re not looking…

Okay it’s mainly just me that’s a weirdo apparently, because I can’t find any of Reid where he’s not looking like a total hottie, helping Grandma, or multitasking as bouquet holder!

Speaking of Reid, this wouldn’t be an appropriate BTS blog without a little #wheresreid action 🙂 (If this is new to you, go here!)

Lately though, he’s been upping his creative-angle game and disappearing all together. One minute he’s there, and the next it’s a literal “where’s Reid??” Oh, he’s just hiding in the bushes. Or climbing up a rock wall. Or chilling on the ground. Whatever it takes to get the shot, am I right?!

We can’t forget about #mrfixit! Crooked ties, stray hairs, and unruly family members don’t stand a chance against Reid’s intense attention to detail.



Okay, let’s talk about the evolution of “the bump” for a minute! It’s been so fun to look back and see the progression of my pregnancy throughout the year! Especially those last few weeks when my face was so swollen you can hardly see my eyes 😉


Sometimes I don’t act like a weirdo for Reid’s test shots. And wear the bride’s jewelry.

Remember the cool hairspray shot from Hunter & Christina’s wedding?


Here’s how Reid did it! Thanks for being our invisible curtain holder, Rachel 🙂


This beautiful new blog (and website) couldn’t have happened without our new branding photos! What you probably don’t know is that I was 28 weeks pregnant when we shot those in our house with our own camera on self-timer! Trying to hide that bump took the term “headshots” to a whole new level!


We can’t talk about 2017 without giving miss Ella Varenna some recognition! She was the perfect ending to the best year EVER. Thank you, Makenzie Evans Photography for driving perfectly safely and right at the speed limit to make it to Little Rock just in time for Ella’s birth 😉


And thank you, Jaison & Callie Sterling with Sterling Imageworks for your patience with our family circus 😀


Then at the end of the year, our long-awaited answer to prayer came and I was able to quit my day job to stay home with Ella and run our business full time!!!

Cheers to an incredible 2017!!

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