Bryant & Alexandra A Summer Military Wedding

The average wedding-planning process lasts between 6 and 12 months. Bryant and Alexandra are anything BUT average. When Bryant received word that he would be deploying overseas for at least one year, leaving only a few weeks away… after much deliberation, prayer, and counsel… they decided to get married before he left. They planned this GORGEOUS wedding in… wait for it… less than 3 weeks!! Typically when in this situation, a couple will say their vows at the courthouse with a JP, or have a small family gathering at their church, or home. Again, Bryant and Alexandra are not your typical military couple.

Never in my career have I experienced a wedding day with SO MUCH JOY! Weddings can be stressful on the couple, their families, and friends for a variety of reasons. Planning a wedding in 2 1/2 weeks? That should be crazy stressful! Nope. Bryant and Alexandra’s family and friends all pulled together their time, resources, and LOVE to make this day an absolute joy. God’s favor on this sweet couple was evident, and it was a true honor witness it.

They were married at Alexandra’s family’s church, with family and friends flown in from all over the country to stand beside them as they started their new chapter. Their love for each other, for putting Christ in the center of their marriage, and their strong family values were at the core of what made this wedding day exactly what a wedding should be. I don’t have to tell you in words how overjoyed Bryant and Alexandra were, or how proud her parents were, or how beautifully designed this day was… you’ll see 🙂

Today is actually their one year anniversary! This wedding was LAST summer! Yes, I blog our weddings the week after the wedding, but with Bryant deploying only a couple of weeks later, I felt it was more important that they be able to see ALL of their wedding photos together before he left than to only see the blog highlights. So, happy first anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Young! I hope you’re loving life and this new adventure together in your new “for now” home!



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