Collin & Shelley | Surprise Proposal

20 years ago, the Riggan Family and the Lagree family met for the first time. The parents and the kids were all similar in age, and the same season of life. They went to the same church, school, extra-curricular activities, and lived close to each other. It was a friendship destined to happen. Reid and Collin became the best of friends at only 3 and 4 years old. Their friendship continued through elementary school, puberty, high school, girlfriends, and college. When Reid met a girl named Brittany, Collin was the first person he told. And again when he decided to propose.

A few years later, Collin’s job moved him out of state. It was tough on their friendship, but they did their best to stay in contact. Then one day Collin texted Reid with the words that changed everything… “I met a girl.” He told Reid all about how incredible Shelley was and that he knew he wanted to marry her.

The next spring, Collin told Reid he was planning to propose to Shelley, and wanted him to photograph it!¬†When the day came, Reid decked himself out head to toe in camouflage and hid under a rock in the woods. Collin’s brother Landon, and friend Taylor strapped on harnesses and hid on the side of a bluff with an enormous sign which read “Shelley Will You Marry Me?”

Collin and Shelley were in Arkansas visiting for a wedding shower, and decided to go on a walk and “look for wild turkeys.” Shelley didn’t suspect a thing! When they reached the bluff, Collin told Shelley to look out to her left, because the turkeys should be that way. Collin sounded his turkey call as the cue for Landon and Taylor to raise the sign. When she turned back around, her world changed!

We are so beyond honored to shoot their engagement session on their home turf in Dallas, and to be photographing their wedding this fall on Lake Michigan! We love you, Collin & Shelley!

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