Little Rock Fall Senior Portraits Hailey | Senior 2020

What a perfect spot for Hailey’s senior portraits near Little Rock! This girls loves the raw beauty of the Natural State, and I’ll have to admit, it’s hard to find tall grass that isn’t on someone’s private property. But we lucked out with the sweet little spot with the grass AND the beautiful fall glow!

Hailey is an athlete through and through! I’m just glad we managed to find a time around her crazy sports schedule (it’s basketball season!) She is a sweetheart, super smart, and athletic- meaning she is a HARD worker. This girl is going far!

High school is tough. It was tough for me, so I can’t imagine all of the new challenges that these kids face today with social media. I only got a little taste of it because Facebook was just becoming popular. Something that I’ve learned in almost a decade of being a photographer, is that this job awards the opportunity to make a difference in the way someone feels about themselves, and sees themselves. No, it’s not after the photos have been delivered and retouched… it starts at the first phone call. It happens at the shoot when I get to encourage them and help them feel as unique and beautiful as they are! What an honor!

Thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits, Hailey! Now, go slay these last few months of high school!

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