The Ultimate Surprise You're a Daddy!!

I grew up watching the classics on TV Land- The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days, Green Acres, and my absolute favorite: I Love Lucy. I’ve seen every episode- some multiple times! One of my favorites was the episode when Lucy finds out she’s pregnant, then schemes the perfect plan to tell Ricky. Just like every Lucy plan ever, it completely flopped, and she ended up telling him the only way she could. During his show at the club that night, Lucy wrote an anonymous letter to Ricky, asking him to sing “My Baby and Me” so she could announce to her husband that they were expecting. As Ricky sings and walks around the tables trying to find the expectant couple, wide-eyed Lucy nervously bites her fingernails and waits for him to come to her table. He jokingly pointed at her as he walked by her table, which is when she shyly smiled and slowly nodded her head. It took him a few seconds to realize what just happened, then stops mid-song, and looks back a stunned look on his face. When he finds out that it’s Lucy that is pregnant he starts yelling “It’s me! I’m the father!” Cue the tears!!

Being the overly sentimental person I am, I’ve dreamed about the clever way I would someday surprise my husband with the news of a lifetime ever since I saw that Lucy episode as a kid! I’ve thought of a thousand different ways to do it, but all of the planning and scheming in the world didn’t matter when the news finally came. I did what felt right at that time, and it was a night neither one of us will ever forget!

It was a beautiful Friday morning when I woke up in an especially good mood. I got to work and all I could think about was taking a pregnancy test. We’ve had so many false alarms (and even a devastating false positive test once) that I tried to talk myself out of it and into waiting until Monday, but I just could NOT shake the feeling. I left for my lunch break, tried to give myself the pep talk I always did before taking a test (you’re not pregnant this time either, just take the test so you can get on with your day) and went to Walmart.

Friday February 17th at 11:50 am, my world was rocked to its core! After years of dozens of negative tests, a false positive test, and trying to console myself that it may just never happen, the thing had TWO PINK LINES! WHAT! I sobbed to the point of hyperventilating and I could muster out was “thank you GOD!” (Poor Walmart lady who picked an awkward time to be cleaning that bathroom! Ha!!) In that emotional moment I felt TOTALLY overwhelmed with gratitude, and SO unworthy to be chosen for this calling. A MOTHER. I AM A MOTHER!!!!

Obviously in no state to go back to work, I texted my boss and said a family situation came up and I needed the rest of the day off. Which was so true! I immediately thought of that I Love Lucy episode and tried to collect my thoughts well enough to figure out how to tell Reid he was a daddy. No pressure!! This guy has dreamed of being a daddy ever since he was a kid. This needed to be good! He wouldn’t be home until later that evening, which was the perfect chance to be all set up when he got there! I decided to go to Hallmark and they happened to have a pillow that said “Mommy & Daddy Est. 2017!” How perfect was that?! Then I had the thought of filling the room that would become our baby’s nursery with balloons, so I bought as many pink and blue balloons (with gold ribbon, of course) as would fit in the back of my Elantra.

The rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur. I remember scurrying around the house, trying to get everything just right, while shaking and crying joyful tears 🙂 I cleaned the office/nursery, set up my phone to video it, laid the pregnancy tests out on the desk (I took another one so he would believe me!), and waited. As luck would have it, Reid called to tell me that work that day took a lot longer than expected and he wouldn’t be home until almost 7:00! My poor nerves!! Not to mention trying to sound normal on the phone! Whew.

Finally, Reid pulled up in the driveway. I turned on the video, sat down on a stool, held on to the Mommy & Daddy pillow, and waited. While slightly hyperventilating. Okay, hard core hyperventilating. I couldn’t breathe! He walked in the house, saw that all lights were off except in the office, asked to come in, and his life hasn’t been the same since 🙂

I will never forget the look on my husband’s face as he tried to process what he was seeing and hearing. The thing we had talked about, prayed about, argued about, cried about, and wondered would ever happen was actually happening. He was speechless! If you know Reid, you know that never happens 🙂 He had to lean against the wall to hold himself up, and just kept saying “What?!” When the initial shock wore off and the reality began to resonate with him, he wrapped his arms around me, cried with me, and we spent the rest of the night laughing, crying, and praising our gracious God together!

To make the story even better, Reid heard two new songs on Spotify on his drive home that day. One is called When I Pray for You by Dan + Shay, which is a song written by an expecting dad to his unborn child!! What?! The other is called Always Good by Justin Unger, which is about God’s relentless love and provision for us. The chorus says this:

You are always good
There is no end to your mercy
And your love will not run dry

We listened to these songs on repeat for several days, and throughout my pregnancy. We never, ever want to forget that Ella Varenna Riggan is a miracle and the greatest blessing that we don’t deserve!



  1. leslieamy says:

    OH my goodness. Sweetest story ever! <3 I wanna see the video!!!! 🙂

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